In 2019, ReDefine Arts worked with the Gender & Sexuality Alliance Club (GSA) at Marc Garneau Collegiate in Toronto, to create the Project Love mosaic — a 12’x4’ ceramic and glass mosaic artwork aimed at bringing visibility to LGBTQ students.

“We know that homophobia, transphobia and transmisogyny can be a big problem at some TDSB schools -- students who identify as queer or trans often don't feel welcome in their learning environments. The goal of Project Love is to change that from the grassroots level. Using a multitude of outreach programs and events, including a collaborative art project with ReDefine Arts, we hope to spread the message that Marc Garneau C.I. welcomes and celebrates students of all gender identities and sexual orientations,” says Emma Munro, supervisor of the Gender & Sexuality Alliance, with colleague Scott Pearce.

“More than 40 students from the GSA and the school’s Art Council contributed to designing and building this mosaic installed in the busiest corridors of the school – we hope this will help create a sense of welcome to queer and trans youth in the school” says Tristan R. Whiston, artistic co-director of ReDefine Arts.

Anna Camilleri, Lead Artist and Designer
Tristan R. Whiston, Lead Artist
Katie Yealland, Production Lead
Emma Munro, Facilitator
Scott Pearce, Facilitator

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