Dwelling is a 4FT x 14FT mixed media mosaic that honours and memorializes human rights activist and founding co-operative housing manager Diane Frankling. Our development process was anchored by our goal: to create an artwork through inclusive and innovative collaborative artistic practices.

200+ community members contributed to the conceptual development and making of Dwelling over eight months. At several community consultations, we shared ideas, stories, and produced simple sketches. Lead visual artist Anna Camilleri stewarded the progression of this arts-based research into a design and fabrication plan that reflects themes and motifs that emerged through a generative process. 2,000+ hours were invested into the collaborative creation of this artwork.

Anna Camilleri, Lead Artist & Designer
Tristan R. Whiston, Lead Artist
Katie Yealland, Production Lead
Ryan Hayward, Coordinator & Outreach Lead
Henry Campos, Ceramic Artist
Michael Dion, Culinary Artist
Heidi Cho, Community Artist
Chantelle Gobeil, Community Artist
Domanique Grant, Community Art Intern
Emily Jones, Community Art Intern
Dorian Johnson, Community Art Intern
Andrew Henderson, Community Art Intern
Hunter Marino, Installation Technician
Edwin Lau, Installation Technician

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