Unscripted: KINSHIP is a three-part podcast series exploring themes of interdependence, care and kinship in the arts. Each episode, host Angela Sun welcomes a different artistic collective and invites them to engage in conversation about how they are reimagining artistic collaboration in ways that embrace these themes as well as how relationships and radical reciprocity have been integral to the development of their collective’s unique creative processes.

About the collectives

The Countdown Public Art Project

The Countdown Public Art Project is a province-wide initiative that creates outdoor monuments in public spaces to honour survivors of gender-based violence and to imagine, or count down to, a world without gender-based violence. Joining us today from Countdown are lead artists Anna Camilleri and Tristan R. Whiston, Countdown Elder and Storykeeper Roberta Della-Picca and Erin Lee, Executive Director of Lanark County Interval House and Community Support (LCIHCS), a key Countdown partner organization in 2019, 2021, and 2022.

The Switch Collective

The Switch Collective is an interdisciplinary performance group that has been co-creating new methodologies and political performance materials for the public sphere since 2016. Switch centres the unique knowledge systems and artistic expressions of Queer & Trans, Black, Indigenous and Peoples of Color (QTBIPOC). The Switch Collective is pushing boundaries by blending mediums, bringing them into unexpected public spaces, and reaching everyday people, thus attempting to reject the elitism wherein art is relegated to galleries and theatres. Any sidewalk can be a stage. Any building, a projection screen. A procession leads into a parking lot for a grieving ritual. A shadow puppet leads the audience into a back alley for a dance party.

Check out the Switch Collective online at the following links:

Bricks and Glitter

Bricks and Glitter describe themselves as a group of troubled queers who believe in creativity and collectivity, in imagining together a world worth living in. Intersectional by default and critical by necessity, they are trying to create a space for all of us, to world-build together, and to practice the future in the now. Bricks and Glitter is a community arts festival, celebrating Two-Spirit, trans and queer talent, ingenuity, caring, anger, and abundance.

Check out Bricks and Glitter online at the following links:

Unscripted: KINSHIP is a ReDefine Arts production, co-curated by Becky Gold and Wy Joung Kou with digital producer Megan Wilk, and generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, & Toronto Arts Council.

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