“Through this project I hope to let go of what I can. I hope, as a survivor and as a community member, to open conversations with women, girls, trans and non-binary youth and adults, and with boys and men about what we can do as a community to end gender-based violence.”

Project participant

For many people who have crossed paths with Countdown, honest conversations surrounding gender-based violence found a starting place at the heart of this project. These conversations have been carried forward beyond the bounds of the project, to places such as park benches, kitchen tables, the line at the local Tim Hortons, and many more places, public and private, in the everyday lives of community members.

What is gender-based violence and how can I contribute to ending it? Where can I learn more about the issues faced by people in my community, and about the work already underway to challenge these issues? How can I support meaningful change-making in my community and beyond? How can I support survivors, or, as a survivor, where can I find support?

These are a few of the questions that we hope to address on our new Countdown Story - Resources page. Populated with a collection of external links, this page owes its content to the frontline workers and service providers dedicated to resourcing and empowering people of all genders and ages with knowledge, strategy, and support in the face of systemic and personal experiences of gender-based violence. View the Countdown Story Resources page here: https://www.countdownstory.com/resources.

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