“I hope to see an end to all forms of violence. I hope to leave a better land for our grandchildren. I hope for more understanding, more conversation. I hope for a new government, I hope for systemic change, justice and healing. I hope for a sense of belonging.”

Erin Lee, LCIHCS Executive Director

Since 2016, 12 Countdown monuments have been created and permanently installed in many communities across rural Ontario: Pembroke, Eganville, Killaloe, Pikwàkanagàn First Nation, North Bay, Peterborough-Nogojiwanong, Brantford, Carleton Place, Bancroft, Almonte, Combermere & Smiths Falls.

Over those 7 years, Countdown has grown to become a network of communities, kinships, and gathering places where conversations surrounding gender-based violence can come out into the open and land in places of care and connection.

New on the Countdown Story website is a section dedicated to project impact. Now featured in that section is our 2020-2021 evaluation report, and the 50 minute KINSHIP podcast episode featuring members of the Countdown team. Both of these items, in their own unique ways, speak loudly to the actualized and hoped for impacts of the project. We are happy for them to have found a home on the website, thus increasing ease of access and widening the reach of this pivotal content.

View the website additions on the About page, here: https://www.countdownstory.com/about

In coming weeks, we will be making more updates and additions to the Countdown Story website and cannot wait to share them with you - stay tuned!

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