Braiding Knowledges: A discussion of land, people and place

On November 17, 2022 in Maynooth, Ontario, the Community Corridor of Inclusion and Resilience project held Braiding Knowledges, a discussion of land, place and people, with 50 North Hastings residents.

Algonquin educator and consultant Christine Luckasavitch led the session with discussions focusing on the location of North Hastings on unceded Algonquin territory: In light of this fact, how do we come together to care for this place, and for each other?

Fabric artist Eliza Plumley supported the discussion by facilitating a braiding exercise where attendees were encouraged to create, with their hands and conversation, a single braid out of three strands representing Indigenous people, settlers, and land.

Video documenting the session:

To learn more about the Community Corridor of Inclusion and Resilience, visit:

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